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So many ways to say 'delicious.'

Like any family that claims cooking as a skill, we know we’re only as good as your last bite of our sausage products. So each and every one of the choices you see below has a few things in common. Freshness, quality, consistency…and most of all, some Bass family recipes that are as authentic as they are delicious.

Mild Sausage

mild sausage

Mild Sausage

The original. We haven’t changed a single, delicious thing from Mrs. Florence Jenkins Bass’s recipe–there’s no reason to! Plus, it’s still made in 100-lb batches and never frozen to make sure we capture the best flavor.


Mild Sausage

hot sausage

Hot Sausage

For those seeking a little extra kick in their sausage, a pound of this is sure to satisfy. It’s made in the same small batches and quality pork as our Mild, but we’ve added some serious spice and seasonings to keep your taste buds smiling (and sweating)!

Mild Sausage

Whether you like HOT or MILD, our bulk sausage packages are the only ones on your grocer’s shelf not made with sugar!

Mild Sausage

SC Link

Proof that good things come in small packages. We make these sausage links with our own secret family recipe (and not-so-secret family commitment to quality and freshness). You won’t find or taste a better link sausage, period.

Mild Sausage

HC Link

A bigger link for a bigger hunger. Made with same great blend of seasonings as our small sausage links (just a whole lot more of it, obviously), we once again take only the finest cuts of pork to make a sausage that’s positively proud to be called ‘hefty.’

Mild Sausage

sausage patties


We make it easy for you. Step one, drop some of these flavorful, preformed sausage patties into a warm pan for a few minutes. Step two, listen to your whole family yell ‘Hey, pass me another piece!’

Mild Sausage

dry sausage

Dry Sausage

A unique family favorite. In the early 1930s, Mrs. Florence Jenkins Bass would hang fresh link sausages in the smokehouse, to let them cure (dry out). These sausages bring that mouth-watering tradition to your table today!

Mild Sausage



Step into just about any eastern North Carolina home (we do recommend you knock first, though) and you’ll find a fan of this unique blend. We think it’s got something to do with the fresh ingredients, our family recipe–and its eyebrow-raising kick.

Mild Sausage



Made in the country and full of down-home country taste. C-Loaf is a Southern tradition (if you’re a true Southerner, you’ll know what the ‘C’ stands for). Pick up a pound, heat and don’t forget to pass the vinegar and hot sauce! Enjoy!

sausage patties and links